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Hello and welcome to "All Things Special Ed."! I am glad you found my blog and I hope you will find it useful. 

My name is Lisa and I am a certified cross-categorical special education teacher in Wisconsin. I also hold my certification in regular education and a Masters degree in teaching and leadership. I have been teaching special education at the elementary level for over 12 years now! I have worked with a wide range of abilities and I am amazed everyday what my students can accomplish. I provide services in the regular education classroom, aka inclusion, as well as provide pull-out services for students with replacement curriculum and alternative standards. I currently work with students with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Other Health Impairments and Orthopedic Impairments. 

I live in Wisconsin with my wonderful husband and twin boys! We have two beagle babies - Sully and Hannah, and one bengal kitty named Brooklynn. 

I love sharing my experiences and ideas through this blog as well as sharing resources that I create for my own classroom. You can find those at my store- -All Things Special Ed. on TPT.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions, comments, or ideas please drop me a line. 

All Things Special Ed. 

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