Why we love adaptive interactive books (and you should too!) plus a freebie!

Do you use adaptive, interactive books in your classroom? Adaptive also called interactive books is a great way to include all in making litearcy fun and accessible to all sutdents. Plus they are not just for the special education population. Read on to learn more and find out ways to incoporate adaptive, interative books into your classroom today!

Adaptive, Interactive Books. What are they? How can I use them? And are they just for special ed.? Let's learn moare about what is an adaptive or interactive book is.

What is an adaptive/interactive book:
An adaptive book is any book that has been modified in some way to make is accessible to a student who is struggling with typical books. The modifications may include: simplified text and pictures (got a student with CVI? these can be perfect for them!), braille, they can have tactile features on the page for touching and feeling, and/or they may contain die cut pieces or a story board with Velcro pieces for the student to interact with on each page.

Who can use adaptive/interactive books?And how can you use them?
Special education students
Speech and Language therapies
English Language Learners
Any student who is a non-reader
Students who are non-verbal or limited vocabulary
Limited attention span
Students with visual and hearing impairments
Students in regular education who are struggling with grade level books
Early childhood classrooms
4k classrooms
Kindergarten and First grade classrooms - great for centers, independent reading time for students who are below grade level, morning work for you special education students who are in your classroom.
Adapt chapter books

The list can be endless- and these books can be made for age appropariateness so don't just think elementary!

Examples of Adaptive/Interactive Books!
Add PECS and Velcro to any book in your classroom. 

Have your student add the PECs/Pictures from a story board to each page.
Example of an adaptive interactive book with pictures to manipulate on each page.

This book has simple pictures and sentences. It was used for a student with low vision.

Another example of an adaptive book that uses a story board to add pictures for students to interact with.
(courtesy of Creative Curriculum Adaptations, Ginger Joyce)
Example of a story board (courtesy of  Creative Curriculum Adaptations- Ginger Joyce)

Want to try an adaptive book in your classroom? Download this Holiday freebie that contains an adaptive interactive book! Click on the picture below!

Holidays Around the World - Christmas 

Click here to grab your free adaptive interactive book

Got questions or comments about adaptive interactive books? Feel free to comment below!

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