Top Ten Items you need in Your SpEd room

Back to school? Not back to school (I still have a good week left!)? What supplies do you need to get you ready for your sped classroom? Here is a top ten list of items I immediately order before (or right when school starts).

1. Velcro-
velcro dots are my go to. Check out Feiner Supply for great prices and bulk buying.

2. File Folders -
I use a lot of file folders in my classroom - for in-between times, early finishers, beginning of a lesson, during a lesson, to track IEP goals. Of course TPT has some great file folder activities.

3. Scissors-
Fiskers makes a titanium non-stick brand that won't gunk your scissors with goop from cutting velcro. Plus makes cutting lamination like butter :-)

4. Laminator-
A small personal laminator is must. Sometimes you need a good thick lamination (i.e. pic symbols) and my schools' lamination is thin. I have a scotch brand and it has held up great for over two years now!

5. Laminating Pouches-
3ml is usually my go to but 5ml will give you even more thickness if you are in need of some hard core thickness and hold! My goto is usually a pack from amazon that is around $9 for 100 sheets.

6. Fidgets-
Dollar store is great for tons of fidgets at a great price. Why spend more when you know they will get lost or put in questionable places ;-)

7. Seat Cushions or alternative seats-
A few different seat cushions are great to have on hand for your classroom as well as different seating- chairs, floor, mats, pillows, rocking chair, balls, yoga mats to read on, and wobble chairs.

8. Glue Sticks-
To glue all your file folder games or anything else you make for your classroom! You can never have enough and I am always running out!

9. Binders-
I put everything in binders to keep me organized. I usually stop at a thrift store (i.e. St. Vinnies, Goodwill...) and I can always find a stack of binders for under a dollar! I frequent there to stock up during the school year.

10. Coffee-chocolate-water!
Need to get my caffeine fix in especially that first week of school and sometimes you just need a taste of chocolate to get you through the day. Just don't for get to stay hydrated with water :-)

What are some other top SpEd items you would add to the list? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!!

Happy New School Year! Cheers to the #bestyearever 2016-2017!!

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