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Want to make classroom worksheets more accessible for your sped students. There is a new app out there made by Attainment that will do that! This is simple, fast and will be a lifesaver!! I was recently at a workshop learning about the updated Stages Framework and they gave us a tutorial on some new apps and this one was one that I feel in love with! (Other apps that were shared were: Dollars and Cents Show Me MathMatch TimeLooking for Words (coming soon), First Words 1First Words 2,, SymbolSupportGoWorksheet Maker, and Social Success )

To Create:
1. Snap picture of worksheet
2. Give it a title and create
3. There are several things you can do to make your worksheet more accessible that you can add:
--Text to Speech
--Recorded Audio
--Multiple Choice
--Fill in the Blank
--Drag and Drop Answers

It can automatically convert worksheets to text-to-speech.  You can use the cloud-email-air drop so all your students can have access to the same materials.

You can type in what you ant for text to speech or use the wand icon and it will automatically pull the text from the page. USe any of the orange highlighted area to use for text to speech! You can tape and hold on any item to edit, resize, duplicate or delete. You can add drag and drop answers as well as students can use the onscreen keyboard to type in answers, draw with your finger, or use voice recorder.

Completed worksheets can be sent to the teacher's- email, airdrop, or via message.

Paid app- $20
or 5 for $75

You may also download the user guide at: http://www.attainmentcompany.com/goworksheet-maker
Images and Information provided by: Attainment Company http://www.attainmentcompany.com

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  1. This looks amazing and I'm hoping to find someone actually using it in their classroom. Have your purchased it? Would love to know more.


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