Mac/Windows 10 quick tip of the day

Hello and welcome back from your break! I just recently updated my Mac Book to Windows 10. A quick tip for those of us who were using an older version of Windows and now are using the updated version.

Tip 1
How to save as a PDF.
Old version: File- Save as- save as: drop down menu and change ppt (Power Point) to pdf.
New Windows 10 version: File-export-File Format: PDF (as well as to jpeg, png, ect)

I was so confused that first time and couldn't figure it out!!

Tip 2
Want to put more than one clip art picture at a time in PowerPoint when using a MAC?
Instead of going through Power Point to add a picture (clip art) go to your Finder icon on the bottom of your Mac screen and open it up.

Find the file you want then keep dragging the clip art to you Power Point. You can also select a group of clipart by holding down the command key and clicking on each picture. Then drag and drop. 

Also some people will drag their file over to the sidebar of that screen that is open to get your clip art. So then you don't have to keep going and finding the file you want (helps if you are just using a file or two). You can just move it on over and then not go through different files to find what you want! 

Happy Monday!

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