ELA "I Can" posters and checklists- CCEE aligned

One organizational way to help keep me focused and stay aligned with  CCEE standards (Common Core Essential Elements) is by using my grade level checklists and "I Can" posters for the standards.

I teach students with intellectual disabilities and Autism in the least restrictive environment as possible. Sometimes that means pulling them into my resource room to receive math and literacy instruction that is individualized to their needs but follows the CCEE standards. I like having the standards because it allows me to know what is important for students to be learning and allowing me to have a guide with what I should be teaching my students.

Typically when I am beginning to write an IEP I will look at their current grade level and the next years grade level standards. For math, it really helps me to focus on all strands of math (ie numbers and operations, geometry, measurement ect). Math is knowing more than math facts and typically when working with ID students, memorizing math facts is not a realistic goal.

In English Langauge Arts, I will look at all strands but I will pinpoint what the student struggles with when writing IEP goals. Is it comprehension, foundational skills, decoding? Here are a few examples of my posters and checklists below.

Here is a snap shot of what is included:

Swing by my TPT store to get yours today - Kindergarten ELA "I Can' posters and checklists.

1st thru 5th ELA is on its way (Lots of standards... it is taking me some time to get them finished~!! If you are in need of a certain grade, let me know and I can make that grade a priority! )

Love to hear how you incorporate the CCEE and if you use standards based IEP's! Until next time--

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