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BTS Wisconsin Blogger Bash 2015

Last weekend I had an awesome time with the "Wisconsin Back To School Blogger Bash" meet up in Delafield, WI at the Delafield Brewhaus hosted by Angela from "Hippo Hoorray for Second Grade" and Jessica from "Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten".


BTS Survival Kit


Thirty Minute Meals - for us busy teachers

I am linking up with The Balanced Teacher this week for her Thursday Thirty Minute Meals! I know when I come home from teaching, the last thing I want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen (plus clean up)! With having two active 4 year old boys planning is key to having a fast and healthy meal. One of my favorite quick meals is "Crockpot Chicken Tacos" and it is super easy.


Tips for Working with Paraprofessionals

Hello and welcome #weteachsped people! I am Lisa from All Things Special Ed. in case this is your first time stopping by my blog! Today I am going to be talking about tips when working with Paraprofessionals. I can tell you the hardest part about being a special education teacher is working and training paraprofessionals, that is the one thing they do not teach you in college!


Math "I Can" Posters- First Grade addition

Hello, It has been a few since I have blogged, just getting in my last few days of vacation until I head back to school. I have added the First Grade addition to the math "I can" poster and teacher checklist for the Common Core Essential Element standards.


Math "I Can" Posters

Do you struggle with what to teach in math for each grade level? Well one thing that really helps me narrow down my focus is looking at grade level standards.

In my state, we use the Common Core State Standards to guide our teaching. As a special education teacher to students with varying disabilities, many with Autism and Intellectual disabilities, we teach towards the Common Core Essential Elements which are the alternative standards to the Common Core. The Essential Elements are aligned with the Common Core as well as to the alternative assessment called the Dynamic Learning Map (DLM).


A TPT Sale and "Assess Me" Linky

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And on to week 2 of "Assess Me" Linky by The Tattooed Teacher and head on over to read everyone who has linked up- it is really fun to learn a little more about each other!

I am definitely a jeans girl- my husband could tell you I am slightly obsessed and have way too many pairs! I always have earrings in but not always a necklace, sometimes necklaces bother me. Love me a little JZ- come on- 90's girl all the way! I like to buy in the store if it is clothes as nothing ever fits just right! I prefer silver over gold, but I don't mind gold. I hate baths- who wants to be half cold because half their body is sticking out of the tub? Not this girl! I like to go out and be around my friends, that is not to say I don't enjoy just being at home and lounging! I am an open book, if you ask I will tell you, I have not secrets! (Well may be!) I love breakfast food but don't really eat breakfast, and I must have a cup of coffee or two or three to get me going for the day- hence why I am not an early bird! I love the flashes of light during a thunderstorm and I would rather fly than drive any day! I hate being stuck in a car. I chose Girls because it is on HBO and I have never watched the show the New Girl. I hate being hot and sticky- so I have the AC on all the time!! 

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TPT Sale Aug 3-4

Are you ready for the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale coming this August 3rd and 4th? I hope you are as everything in my store (okay so I only have a few items right now...) will be on sale. So stock up on some back to school themed items and get some math materials ready for the school year!

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Here are my items you can find in my store: 
Multiplication - hands on learning for beginning learners
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Noun Sort - School Theme center and guided lesson pocket chart sort free for the month of Sept. 
Noun Bingo - school themed

I am currently working on "I can" statements for the Essential Elements alternate standards aligned with the Common Core standards. Are there any other materials out there that you just can't find? Let me know and I would be happy to help. I have a long list of items I want to get working on, now just to find the time with school starting and raising two little ones! 

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