Summer Time!

Well I finally feel like it is summer! Last week was my first week off but I was so busy with taking a class - ADHD (I will have a future post on that) and just having a crazy end of the week getting ready for a BBQ party at my house! Well the BBQ turned out great- lots of food, friends, bonfire, and S'mores!  
Scrappin' Doodles Clip Art

Below is a picture of one of my long time friends since 6th grade! She and her family came over with some college friends and family and new friends we made over the last year. It was a great party with lots of little kids running around! 

My Boys

This summer I have quite the to do list. I really want to get a lot done around our home and with that said, that is hard to do with 2 four year olds! So off to daycare they will go for 3 half days a week. I felt really guilty about that but it will give them structure and time to play with their friends while I get to work on the house, my blog, and create TPT items for my store. 

Well here is my list:

What are your summer plans? I would love to hear from you! 


  1. This is my first summer as a TPT seller so my plans are to fill my store with all my ideas that keep filling my head! haha! I really like creating and sharing, it doesn't feel like work but more like a hobby. I also have plans to declutter the master bedroom. That is the catch all room for the kids art projects, mail, books and anything else that doesn't have a "home". I wish we had the money to do some home improvement projects but ones we want to do are too big of financial burden at the moment. Maybe next summer :)

    I hope you tackle your list with lots of relaxation time to spare!

    Take care,

  2. It is my first summer as a TPT seller as well! I hope to get more accomplished and up in my store. Hopefully our home improvements don't put us overboard finically! We don't have a lot of money and are trying to do it ourselves. Getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets! I will post pictures along the way. I am hoping it turns out cute- anything has to be better than what it is right now!!! Enjoy your time this summer!! Lisa


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