Product in the making!!

I am creating my first ever TPT product!! I currently am working with 4th graders on alternative standards (Common Core Essential Elements) and we have been working on very basic multiplication and division. Well I just could not find anything to help me with this so I am making it myself! It is taking some trial and error but I got a good start and I think it will be super cute and fun!! Here is a little snap shot-- I have already made bug jars with firefly's with the problem set up on the bottom for them to write in the numbers. I also have blank jars and a set of Firefly's for me (teacher) to print as many as you want and then to make up your own problems- or kids to make them up. I am already trying it out with my kiddos- still have another week left so I am trying to keep it fun! Let me know your thoughts or if there is anything I could add to be helpful :-)

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