Monday Made It

Hello Friends! It is Monday and I wanted to share with you my "Monday Made It" link up with 4th Grade Frolics.

If you follow me on  Instagram you know that last week I made a teachers tool kit. I have seen these pop up on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs and I thought they were super cute and of course very functional. I had a free inquiries on how to make one so I thought I would share with you just how to do that.

First you will need to visit your local hardware or home supply store such as a Home Depot, Lowes, or where I went was Menards. If you go by all the nails and screws and keep looking around there (or you could always ask an employee!) you will find the the organizers. Of course you can always shop online as well!  I couldn't decide so I picked up 2 different sizes.


TPT Seller's Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream

This week's challenge is called, "Dare to Dream" and here are my hopes, wishes and dreams.


Summer Time!

Well I finally feel like it is summer! Last week was my first week off but I was so busy with taking a class - ADHD (I will have a future post on that) and just having a crazy end of the week getting ready for a BBQ party at my house! Well the BBQ turned out great- lots of food, friends, bonfire, and S'mores!  
Scrappin' Doodles Clip Art

#TPTSellerChallenge - Stats

Wanted to post my stats for the #TPTSellerChallenge that I am doing. Sorry for the awful picture and uncute black and white (no color printer at home) version!!


Makeover Madness - TPT Seller Challenge

I hopped right on the bandwagon and joined the #TPTSellerChallenge for this summer! The seller challenge is being hosted by Teach Create Motivate, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Sparkling in Second, and Third in Hollywood. Feel free to check out one of their blogs to read all about it!

This week (week 1) we are to makeover one of our products. This could be updating clip art, changing fonts, or simply redoing a cover on a product. Well since I only have one product... I made over my cover page for my "Buzzing into Multiplication" pack.


One Lovely Blog Award

Hello! Thanks to Nicole from Adventures in the ATC, I have been nominated for the "One Lovely Blog" award!! Wow that means so much to me and I am ecstatic that someone would nominate me!

New Product! Teacher Pal Calendars

Hello Everyone! I am super excited to share with you a fun and exciting opportunity that I will be apart of. I am going to be featured in Polka Dots and Pals 2015/16 school year calendar that Lauren is creating and will be selling in her TPT store starting July 17th. I think they are going to be super cute and fun! So if you haven't already, please go and check out her blog and TPT store and the super cute Pals she creates to look like you!

Can't wait till these calendars come out!


Last Day!!

Well today is finally here- last day of the school year. It really seems so late to be getting out but nether-less it is here! It is a bittersweet moment. Many of my kids will be moving on to the upper grade level school and they have been with me since I started this position 3 years ago. But I am ready to let them go and they are ready to move on. With that said- here is my attire for the day!

Last Day of School!! 

Completed my 10th year of teaching!!

Have a wonderful-


Check me out! Pals from Polka Dots and Pals!

It's me!! Isn't it cute? I recently ran across Lauren from Polka Dots and Pals on Instagram and quickly saw these cute "Pals" she creates and I instantly fell in love and had to have one of myself!

Me- Lisa                


Resource Roundup! Twist on a Game

Have you ever played the game "Spot It"? It is a favorite in my classroom and I was actually surprised that some of my lower sped students were the ones that did a great job on this game.

I love these Spot It games! They come in lots of different themes. 

And I found this great spin off of the game called, "Spot that Word" by OCD in First Shannon Juneau.

She has various sets of this word game the one that I purchased was for working on magic E words- such a struggle getting some of my students to switch the vowel sounds from short to long!


Buzzin into Multiplication!

Well I finally did it! I completed my first TPT product. My 4th grade special education students were struggling with multiplication and I couldn't find anything that I liked to help me teach this concept so I made something myself!!

I first started with a picnic theme but as I was messing around with it, I got frustrated and started over. Well then came the bug jars and fireflies. I think it turned out super cute and since I am still teaching, I tested it out with my students. I had super success!! Kids loved it. So if you are working with younger elementary students or special education students (working on Common Core Essential Elements? We are!!) then this packet is for you! You can use it for seat work, small groups, or centers. I hope you hope on over to my TPT store and check it out. Click on the my TPT button on the top of my blog!

Until next time-

TPT Credits 


Product in the making!!

I am creating my first ever TPT product!! I currently am working with 4th graders on alternative standards (Common Core Essential Elements) and we have been working on very basic multiplication and division. Well I just could not find anything to help me with this so I am making it myself! It is taking some trial and error but I got a good start and I think it will be super cute and fun!! Here is a little snap shot-- I have already made bug jars with firefly's with the problem set up on the bottom for them to write in the numbers. I also have blank jars and a set of Firefly's for me (teacher) to print as many as you want and then to make up your own problems- or kids to make them up. I am already trying it out with my kiddos- still have another week left so I am trying to keep it fun! Let me know your thoughts or if there is anything I could add to be helpful :-)

Until next time,


Currently June - Student Edition

Well since it is June and I had linked up with "Oh Boy in 4th grade" and her Currently linky party, it was my students turn to tell me about what they are up to. We still have 7 days left and we are trying to hold in there!! Take a look at our Currently June edition.

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