Organizing Your Pecs

I have gone round and round on how to organize all my Boardmaker pics! Well after hunting around on Pinterest and other Blogs I decided to organize mine using a bin with many drawer. (Visit a Home Depot like store for a large drawer small parts bin) I found mine for $10 at a thrift store. Love Goodwill and St. Vinnies for my cheap office supply steals!

Then came the hard part- how do I categorize my pictures? I already knew that most of my pictures were school related but not all. Well I found this handy guide that outlined the categories of the Boardmaker pictures. So I started there. Then added a few categories that I needed while sorting.

Here is a snap shot of the inside-

After I had my bins all organized, I used my label maker to make it look "nice" and all is set to go when we are looking for a picture!  Have a wonderful week! We have 22 more school days left- happy face!

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