Shared Reading- Emergent Literacy

Share the love of reading by "Shared Reading" with your students. The goals of shared reading for students with emergent literacy skills include: sharing the process of how books work, building language and background knowledge, supporting concepts about print and lots and lots of discussion on every page!

When you share, and students share, about life experiences you are building vocabulary and making connections with the book that is being read. It helps to develop the love of reading and it is also a social activity (even if it is just you and one student). Everyone shares by talking about the book and asking questions about the book.

For students with significant disabilities it is important to give them the means to interact and communicate throughout the book. We should be modeling using the students' AAC device if they use one, using books that follow the students interests, and attribute meaning to all of the students attempts (accidental or intentional). Focus on text-to-self connections, having them comment and share their experiences.


  • good teachers read from at least 12 texts a DAY
  • children from literate homes have heard their favorite stories 200-400 times
  • reading aloud to children during daycare, preschool or school can impact their reading ability  

Keep on reading, until next time-

Information provided by Dr. Caoline Musselwhite from "Emergent Balanced Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities.

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