Currently May

Currently May with "Oh' Boy in 4th Grade"

Talking with my husband with all the stuff we
need to do to get organized!

Hanging out with our friends we met at our new Church. We all became
 members last year and we started up a monthly brunch to get to know others better. 
Well that brunch is still going on but we also found a great connection with these two 
families  and we love getting together (with and without kids!)

About our monthly brunch that we will be hosting this time (See Loving above)! It is on Saturday 
and we also invited a few new members/families to join 
us to help them get to know other families

A good nights rest. One of my boys keeps waking up in the 
night (My boys are 4) and he wants to snuggle me-- I can't say no! One 
day too soon they will not want to snuggle their mama anymore :-( 

See Loving and Thinking above...
I have company coming over and my house is a disaster!! 
note- twin 4 year old boys!!

Summer yes... 
I can't wait for summer break, 22 days! And I love the quality time with my boys
I hope to get some painting done soon (summer) I want a fresh color 
on my kitchen and living room walls (gray!)
I dream of laying on the beach by the ocean (ya, I live in WI)

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  1. I can definitely relate to the middle of the nigh snuggling! My girl is almost 2 and if I'm honest I look forward to waking up (almost) every night! :) Hope you have a great summer!

    ❤ Bethany
    Learning is a Journey
    Polka Dot Parlor


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