Emergent Writing- What does it look like?

Hello! I am back to share more with you on emergent writing and what it looks like when we are teaching and working with students. You can read a previous post on emergent writing here: Emergent Writing and Conventional Writing.

Emergent writing looks like scribbling with the alphabet, using symbols, words and drawings to write. Here are some ideas for you to use when you are teaching emergent writers for Before/During/After when you are teaching.

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Emergent Writing and Conventional Writing

Writing for students with Significant Disabilities is possible! Writing is a complex skill and it can be a juggling act. Take a look at the diagram below and notice all the skills a writer is using and imagine then being a struggling writer.

Slide taken from Dr. Musselwhite's handout on Emergent Balanced Literacy
From the advice of Dr. Musselwhite, it is recommended that when you are working with an emergent writing that you reduce the number of yellow circles. Pick your top 2 that you would like to focus on work on those two skills.

Five for Friday - May 15th

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Well we have exactly 19 days left till summer break!! Let the count down begin!!              Image result for 19

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I received a nice little gift dropped off by my wonderful husband! Life has been busy with him going back to school, working, and raising our twin boys! What a sweet surprise.

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We have been reading this book and working on our literacy skills this week! My special ed. kiddos just love these books and thought they were so funny!! Thanks to Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills for these great "Guiding Readers Units" 

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And here is one of my students writing piece from the book. It was a writing piece to to make a connection of when they tried to persuade someone to do something! I am so proud of my student. We are trying really hard for her to be an independent writer and with a few cues for spacing and to work on sounding out words she has grown so much!! 
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Getting excited to have a few wonderful friends over for brunch tomorrow. We all have boys around the same age and it is so nice to connect with adults when you are with kids all week! 

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Shared Reading- Emergent Literacy

Share the love of reading by "Shared Reading" with your students. The goals of shared reading for students with emergent literacy skills include: sharing the process of how books work, building language and background knowledge, supporting concepts about print and lots and lots of discussion on every page!

When you share, and students share, about life experiences you are building vocabulary and making connections with the book that is being read. It helps to develop the love of reading and it is also a social activity (even if it is just you and one student). Everyone shares by talking about the book and asking questions about the book.


Currently Activity for Students

I just did a fun writing activity called "Currently" with my special education students. You may (or may not) be familiar with the "Currently" monthly link ups created by different bloggers.

Here are my 4 of my students "Currently." Didn't they turn out cute?


Currently May

Currently May with "Oh' Boy in 4th Grade"


Organizing Your Pecs



I had a big "Ah-ha" moment when I attended the Emergent Balanced Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities a few weeks back. It had to do with letting the student develop spelling and writing skills. For some students who have significant fine motor issues, I would either have them trace what they wanted to write or I would write it on a whiteboard and have them copy it onto paper or use a computer or label maker. Well no wonder why they never learned to spell! They never had to do it themselves!


Emergent Balanced Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities

Last week, I was able to attend a wonderful workshop presented by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite called, "Emergent Balanced Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities."

When we talk about balanced literacy we are talking about students' oral and written language development; they are all interrelated. This includes: receptive communication/listening, writing, reading, and expressive communication/AAC.

Slide taken from Dr. Musselwhite's handout


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