Take Away From My Workshop on Literacy

Yesterday I attended a wonderful workshop on "Emergent Balanced Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities" by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite.
It was truly amazing and gave me so many ideas!!
My number one take away that I will stop doing: stop having kids trace your writing!! Tracing is used for learning how to formulate letters. Students will never learn to write if you only make them trace!! They need practice sounding out words and writing/spelling them. This doesn't mean you can't help them - and I vow to stop this today!!
I will have more on my blog about this workshop when I get a change to write all about it!


  1. Hi! I teach special education and have a son with Down Syndrome. I can't wait to read about this workshop! -Nikki at diyfarmwife.org

  2. Nikki- I am working on the post right now and I hope you find it helpful. Check out Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite, she was the presenter and has great information to share. She also travels to present at workshops/conferences -- Thanks for checking out my blog :-) Lisa


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