April... I hope I make it through this month!

Hello! I have been a little absent since being on spring break last week and then returning this week with lots to do. I am sure many of you can relate to this.

So here is what I have been up to/getting prepared for:
I have two re-evaluations, one initial evaluation, and 7 IEP's this month. On top of that, our new state test is starting this month- Smarter Balance or for most of my students who take the alternative assessment- DLM, Dynamic Learning Map. I also will be having my administrator pop in for 2-3 mini observations next week to complete my final evaluation. The state of Wisconsin just rolled out our new teacher evaluation system that is called Educator Effectiveness. I think a lot of us are feeling very overwhelmed with all these new initiatives. Plus my district just started implementing Professional Learning Communities (aka PLC -though I am very familiar with this as it was used in my last district). I am wiped out!I am thankful that I was on the ball back in January and completed my PDP (professional development plan) to renew my license because I am not sure when I would have gotten that done before June!!

So hopefully I won't be too absent because I have been enjoying connecting with my fellow Special Ed bloggers. I participated in my first instagiveaway for 3 people to win a $50 TPT gift certificate. (Which reminds me of another thing on my to do list... start getting my creativity on so I can make some materials for TPT and share with all of you!)

If you haven't already, go check me out on Instagram @allthingsspecialed -- besides school related and blog related pictures and funnies, you will see pics of my twin boys who just turned four (not sure how that happened? #timeflies) as well as my 2 beagles, my bengal kitty and possibly my husband. Take care and I hope your April is not as busy!!

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