Take Away From My Workshop on Literacy

Yesterday I attended a wonderful workshop on "Emergent Balanced Literacy for Students with Significant Disabilities" by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite.
It was truly amazing and gave me so many ideas!!
My number one take away that I will stop doing: stop having kids trace your writing!! Tracing is used for learning how to formulate letters. Students will never learn to write if you only make them trace!! They need practice sounding out words and writing/spelling them. This doesn't mean you can't help them - and I vow to stop this today!!
I will have more on my blog about this workshop when I get a change to write all about it!



It is Monday and I am sharing what I am up to...

Currently page by: "Oh Boy Fourth Grade"
Tomorrow I am off to a workshop- I can't wait to tell you all about it!!


Resource Round-Up- Guiding Readers: Read Aloud Lessons and Activities

Guiding Readers: Read Aloud Lessons and Activities by Deanna Jump and DeeDee Wills has been a great resource, time saver, and a fantastic addition to my whole group reading block with my fourth grade special education students during our pull-out literacy block.

You can find this resource and other months on TPT


Part 4 Equals Math- The lesson

Equals Math Program comes with 12 units or what they call chapters. Each chapter is numbered and has a theme (ie home).  The example I am sharing is labeled 3-B 3. We are in chapter 3, the letter (B) represents the section (depending on the unit, it may have sections A-E). Then the circled number represent the number lesson for that chapter and section. (See picture #1 below.) The lessons are organized in the same format so planning is easy.

Depending on your students, one lesson could take you a number of days. Equals gives you a suggested pacing guide based on your student(s).

Level 1 (severe disabilities) 30 minutes/day, 1-2 weeks
Level 2 (moderate disabilities) 40 minutes/day 1 week
Level 3 (mild disabilities) 60 minutes/2-3 days

Of course, individual student needs will dictate your pace and you can adjust as you need. Also, feel free to return to lessons in which mastery was not yet achieved.

Currently with my Equals math groups, I am pacing my lessons on a Level 2.

Lesson Preview:
First Page

Sorry I have been MIA... The next two weeks will be fairly busy for me at work- still a number of IEP's to do along with your usual work duties... I will hopefully find the light at the end of the tunnel in a few weeks!!

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April... I hope I make it through this month!

Hello! I have been a little absent since being on spring break last week and then returning this week with lots to do. I am sure many of you can relate to this.

So here is what I have been up to/getting prepared for:
I have two re-evaluations, one initial evaluation, and 7 IEP's this month. On top of that, our new state test is starting this month- Smarter Balance or for most of my students who take the alternative assessment- DLM, Dynamic Learning Map. I also will be having my administrator pop in for 2-3 mini observations next week to complete my final evaluation. The state of Wisconsin just rolled out our new teacher evaluation system that is called Educator Effectiveness. I think a lot of us are feeling very overwhelmed with all these new initiatives. Plus my district just started implementing Professional Learning Communities (aka PLC -though I am very familiar with this as it was used in my last district). I am wiped out!I am thankful that I was on the ball back in January and completed my PDP (professional development plan) to renew my license because I am not sure when I would have gotten that done before June!!

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