Equals- Assessment, Part 3

Welcome to my blog series on Equals Math Curriculum. This post will give you a little more detail about the assessment that comes with the program.

The Equals math program comes with a comprehensive math assessment.  Materials are included for you but you will also need to print and collect a few items. I keep my assessment materials in a bin so I won't have to collect and gather materials again when I need to use it. 


App Review - SnapTypePro -

I have found a new app that I LOVE !! The app is called "SnapTypePro" which you can purchase from the app store in iTunes for $2.99. You can also try out a free version called "SnapType".

SnapType is available in the iTunes Store

This app was designed for those students who struggle with handwriting, and for us teachers who have a hard time reading their handwriting. Students can easily complete worksheets with the help of the app on an iPad of iPhone.


April is Autism Awareness Month

I have 40 minutes until I am officially on SPRING BREAK- so that means I am getting ready for the month of April.

April is Autism Awareness month so I decided to create a wonderful bulletin board in the hallway of my school dedicated to growing awareness. I attached True/False questions (from The Autism Helper's TPT "Autism Awareness Unit") to make it more interactive. What are you doing to grow awareness?


Equals Math - Part 2 The Contents and Organization

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my post on the Equals math program. The math program comes with all the supplies you need to teach this program. Below is the kit that you will receive along with another box of manipulatives.

Assessment- 2 assessment flip books and 10 student response booklets (more can be downloaded at no charge)

12 Teacher Guides plus an overview guide
25 Math Content and Theme Posters
27 Student Work Mats
More than 700 Vocabulary & Content Cards

Members Only Teacher Portal- thousands of additional resources, training models, chapter tests, data forms, and classroom videos of Equals math in progress

Equals Manipulative Kit- over 100 manipulatives (attribute blocks, food, bugs, animals, balls, discs, angles, calculator, number stamps, switch, clock, wood blocks, thermometer, spinner, weight, clock and more)

Equals comes with a lot of materials so being organized is key- even with that said there are times I forget things but I have all my math materials together and it is easy to find. I have a 12 drawer cart that I put all my manipulative pieces in the drawers and for easy access I keep the vocabulary cards on top.

I have a large 3 drawer cart where I keep my current chapter materials in the top drawer, my next chapters materials in the middle drawer (so I can gather materials and be ready) and the bottom drawer contains the math posters.

I also have a file box that I keep extra materials that I didn't use from the chapter I taught. All the worksheets are printable as well as the picture vocabulary cards for the students. I have leftovers so l put them in the file for the next year.

I also have a big blue bin where I keep my assessment materials so I do not have to gather them when I give the test again.

I hope that gave you a nice overview of the materials you get if you purchase Equals. I love the fact that it is hands on and they give you everything you need- and as always you are free to switch out with manipulatives that you prefer as well. Drop me a note if you use this or have any questions!

Until next time-

Future Posts:
The Assessment
Resources in Equals Math
Lesson Set up


Math Curriculum "Equals" - What is it? Part 1

Do you teach math and struggle with deciding what and how to teach math- or are you using your time finding and pulling materials together to best meet the needs of your diverse students? You are doing all that and plus you are trying to follow along with your state's standards- whether you teach to your specific state standards, the common core or your states alternative standards? (In Wisconsin we are a Common Core state and our alternative standards are called the Common Core Essential Elements.)

I am in my tenth year of teaching and besides teaching with SRA Connecting Math (which is great, but not for my students with moderate to severe disabilities), there hasn't been a core curriculum to teach special education students with that can reach the needs of all students. Then I found Equals Math!

special ed math curriculum for special needs education
Picture from http://www.ablenetinc.com/

I have decided to do a few posts on the Equals math program and today I will share with you an overview.

What is Equals Math?
Equals math is a comprehensive k-12 math program designed for special education students and is an appropriate choice for students with Autism or ELL students. Equals math can be purchased through the company Ablenetinc and they are wonderful to work with. If you would like more information or training for this math curriculum feel free to contact them. They also will provide you a free 2 week trial at no cost.

Equals math program provides a hands-on, muti-sensory learning experience with three instructional strategies designed in each lesson to meet the different levels of your students. There is a complete scope and sequence that you may find at the link given below if you would like to see what will be taught. Equals math also contains a comprehensive assessment that you may give to your students before you begin teaching with Equals. The assessment will help you decide where your student (or math group- based on your professional judgment) should be placed. I have 5 fourth grade students and I based where to place my groups with where the assessment told me my lowest student was. I felt all my students could begin in that chapter and it would be a good fit. (Chapter 3, Section D: Object Graphs and Pictographs, Lesson 1.)


Resource Roundup! Daily Work

Resource Roundup!
Do you use a resource that you truly love? I do and it came from Teachers Pay Teachers. I thought every so often I would share a resource that I use in my classroom that I love.

The product that I am featuring this week is The Autism Helper's Leveled Daily Work.

I love having a routine when I teach and so do the kids. Not only does it keep me organized and it is easy to plan but the kids know exactly what they need to do.  Each day my 4 fourth grade students come to my room for our literacy block from 9:00 till 10:15. At first I thought- how am I going to teach these 4 completely different students with completely different needs for 75 minutes??!

Then I came across this product from The Autism Helper called "Leveled Daily Work." This is the first thing my students complete during our literacy block. They each independently (based on their needs) complete their Daily Worksheet during the first 15 minutes of our block.


New Design

I got a new design for my blog! I am loving it!!

Thanks so much http://www.abirdinhanddesigns.com


Making Words Activity


One activity that I love doing with my students is called  "Making Words". It is a multilevel, hands-on spelling and phonics activity that was created by Patricia M. Cunningham and Dorthy P. Hall. I have been using the book "Making More Words for grades 1-3" but they also have Making Words Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade separately.  There is over a hundred lessons in the multi-grade level book and prep is little to none. 

During the lesson, children select the letters they are given to make words. We begin with short words and continue on with longer words. The final word (what I like to tell my students "the challenge word") includes all the letters for that day. 


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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

How are you celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America Week?
Here is my bulletin board (see below) outside my classroom in the hallway. We made The Cat in the Hat and had a great time cooking green eggs and ham for a little celebration! We will be reading lots of Dr. Seuss books and dressing up all week in different themes! 

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