Hello and welcome to "All Things Special Ed."! I am just loving my new layout and colors for my blog and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do too. 

I just posted pictures of my special education classroom under the "My Classroom" page. Take a look at my little room and how I have set it up. I have a main work table I work at with my students in small groups as well as a little table behind my bookcases for students to work independently or take a break. There is also a little area for students to read, relax or take a sensory break. I have a Smartboard, 2 student computers, and 3 iPads. I am very fortunate to have all these technology resources. 

A little about my school-

I work in a school with about 600 students; our community is continuously growing! We have on average six classes per grade level including kindergarten through fourth grade. There are 4 special education teachers in our building. One works mainly with the EBD population and another mostly with the LD population, but as we know nowadays, each student comes with their own unique needs and rarely it's just one cookie cutter disability. The other special education teacher works mostly with the primary grades as a cross-cat special ed. teacher and I work mostly with cognitive disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and/or other health impairments.   I have a great support team and love everyone I work with! We also have 2 speech and language pathologists that are right across the hall from me and they have been great resources as well as colleges to me. We truly do have an awesome team!!  

A little background on me-

I am certified as a cross-categorical special education teacher and I also have my regular education degree and license. I have a Master of Arts in Teaching and Leadership and did my thesis on reading fluency interventions in the special education classroom. I have currently been at my school for three years but have been teaching special education for ten years. I truly love my job and I have been inspired to share my journey with others. 

I have loved following and learning so much from my other special education blogger teachers and I hope I can add my expertise to you as well! I am starting to create materials for TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) and I look forward to sharing those with you in the near future. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions I would love to hear from you! 

Take care, 

Lisa (or as my students call me, Mrs. C.)

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