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How to Successfully Co-Teach in Literacy

I am finally TEACHING in the regular education classroom. I don't feel like a glorified para, I don't feel like I am sitting back wasting my skills by just supporting my students, I am finally teaching with my regular education co-teacher and teaching to ALL students, not just my special education students.

Executive functioning, what is it and why do we need to know

Time to give those reading assessments!

New school year? New student? Mid year or end of year? Time to take that reading data!! Two reading assessments I give to all my special education students are running records and a sight word test. If your a new teacher with limited resources then I have some great suggestions on how you can do this on a budget.

How to teach emotional regulation with ALL students

Whether you are a special education teacher (OT, PT, S/L, Counselor) or a regular education teacher, you will come to encounter some students who have a difficult time regulating their emotions and learning self control.  We work with many students who have self-regulation difficulties (ADHD, Autism, Learning Disability, Behavioral Challenges) that could use explicit teaching in regulating and controlling emotions. The "Zones of Regulation" is a curriculum that I use to teach students to recognize what "zone" they are in by using a diffident color code to help visually match their emotions.

End of the School Year Special Ed. Classroom Organization

The end of the school year is fast approaching and that means none other than packing up and cleaning! Here are several tips that help me stay organized and helps me when I return to the classroom for the next school year.

Spring in to Organization and a Freebie

Spring is in the air and who doesn't love cleaning and getting more organized? Read on to learn more about how I organized my task cards and to grab a freebie!

Apps to use in the special ed. classroom

iPads can be a great motivator in the special education classroom. Many times I have my students work towards having an break in between work sessions and 9 out of 10 times they choose the iPad. They are great way to incorporate technology and fun into learning. Here are a few apps that we like to use.

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