Having fun with switch adaptive tools!

Do you have a student who uses a switch/button? We are having fun in our room using different tools with our button and switch tools.

During our lunch bunch group, we played a Chutes and Ladders. My guy was in charge of hitting his button so it would activate the switch adapted All Turn Spinner by AbleNet inc. You can take the face plate off and add your own. My good blogger friend from Breezy Special Ed said she uses it to play bingo by attaching different calling cards to the All Turn Spinner- that is next on our list to play!!

Here is the button switch connected to the All Turn Spinner - dice

We also had an art project (making ourselves in snowsuits) from class that we used adapted scissors to help cut. My Student would hit the button (with his head) and it would activate the scissor. I had to guide the paper through as he cannot move his arms and hands to do this. 

I would love to hear how you use buttons/switches in your room!! Leave a comment :-)


ELA "I Can" posters and checklists- CCEE aligned

One organizational way to help keep me focused and stay aligned with  CCEE standards (Common Core Essential Elements) is by using my grade level checklists and "I Can" posters for the standards.


Teaching the Concept of Multiplication to Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities and Autism

Do you work with students with intellectual disabilities? Autism? or students with moderate to severe disabilities? I teach elementary students with moderate to severe disabilities including Autism. The state I teach in is also a Common Core state so we follow the CCSS (Common Core State Standards but typically the students I work with use the alternate standards called the CCEE (Common Core Essential Elements). These standards are also aligned to the DLM (Dynamic Learning Map alternate test). CCEE are directly aligned with the CCSS standards for each grade level. One standard that I work on is multiplication and the concept of what it really means to multiply.

Put the breaks on now- because when I saw that I was like "What? How am I going to teach this concept??!!

Well part of what "us"  special education teachers are trained at and good at is breaking down tasks. So what I needed to do first was to think- what is multiplication? Multiplication is repeated addition. So now what I needed to think of was how could I teach them visually (because we all know having visuals really help our students as well as all students) as well as make it a hands on experience? I came up with a simple idea that anyone can use in thier classroom.

1, First we discussed the basics- what is multiplication (repeated addition) while showing them examples on the board, what does the symbol look like (x), what do we call it when we see it in a number sentence (times) and we practiced those simple tasks first.
Math "I Can" poster for multiplication that is used as an anchor chart

Buzzin into Multiplication - Set 1
2. Then I wanted them to try multiplication as repeated addition on their own. So I came up with a problem, for example 4+4+4 or 4x3. We talked about how many groups of 4 we had (3) so we drew 3 circles then we discussed how many are in each group (4) so we put 4 manipulatives in each group (cubes, fun little erasers, beads, pom poms, basically anything that would fit in your circles (groups). I made a few multiplication sets with manipulatives and worksheets that I made after I first introduced this concept. Here are some pictures that I took using them this school year (though you can use what ever you have on hand- draw circles on table with dry eraser marker, use cups/bowls/containers to put manipulatives in- anyway to make it hands-on and visual!

Fishing For Multiplication - set 2 

So there is a few examples of students working on multiplication as repeated addition with the visuals and hands on materials. To help generalize what we were working on we also used worksheets that were very visual. Here is an example:

The worksheet is just another way to help generalize the concept and is less concrete than the manipulatives but still very effective and visual for special education students.

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Mac/Windows 10 quick tip of the day

Hello and welcome back from your break! I just recently updated my Mac Book to Windows 10. A quick tip for those of us who were using an older version of Windows and now are using the updated version.

Tip 1
How to save as a PDF.
Old version: File- Save as- save as: drop down menu and change ppt (Power Point) to pdf.
New Windows 10 version: File-export-File Format: PDF (as well as to jpeg, png, ect)

I was so confused that first time and couldn't figure it out!!

Tip 2
Want to put more than one clip art picture at a time in PowerPoint when using a MAC?
Instead of going through Power Point to add a picture (clip art) go to your Finder icon on the bottom of your Mac screen and open it up.

Find the file you want then keep dragging the clip art to you Power Point. You can also select a group of clipart by holding down the command key and clicking on each picture. Then drag and drop. 

Also some people will drag their file over to the sidebar of that screen that is open to get your clip art. So then you don't have to keep going and finding the file you want (helps if you are just using a file or two). You can just move it on over and then not go through different files to find what you want! 

Happy Monday!


Happy New Year and a few January Resources

Happy New Year #2016!! I hope it is off to a great start. I have had such a busy school year, my poor blog has taken a back seat. My goal is to post more, I love blogging and I am hoping the new year will settle in fast at school and I can concentrate on some of the stuff I enjoy doing, such as blogging!

Have you tried out my monthly math skills packets? Each month has a different theme but the math skills stay the same. They are aligned to the alternative standards for the Common Core called Common Core Essential Elements. Below is a list of the various math skills that are in the packet. This sure helps me to keep data on all my IEP goals and it helps students to work on and maintain 

Here is a link to the January Math Skills Packet found in my TPT store

I also have a monthly Noun Sort packet that I love using with my special education students. You can use this as a whole group/small group to sort picture noun cards on a pocket chart and it comes with a 2 versions of a worksheet for students to complete their own noun sort.

Here is a link to the January Noun Sort in my TPT Store 

Also I am part of a fabulous group of special educators called "We Teach SpEd" and we post various education posts throughout the month so follow us on Facebook, Intsagram and Twitter to get all the updates. Here is our January Blog Topic calendar. If you would like to be a featured teacher blogger, go to our Facebook page to sign up!

Have a fabulous start to your new year #2016. Are there topics you would like to know more or are interested in? Feel free to let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!! Until next time,

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