Check me out! Pals from Polka Dots and Pals!

It's me!! Isn't it cute? I recently ran across Lauren from Polka Dots and Pals on Instagram and quickly saw these cute "Pals" she creates and I instantly fell in love and had to have one of myself!

Me- Lisa                

She is so creative and I love all the designs! It was super easy to order one- just check out her TPT store or click on this link to go directly to the order page. All you do is fill out the order page, e-mail it with a picture of yourself and in 1-2 weeks (I think I received mine in under a week!) she will e-mail you back with her design and then she sends you a link to purchase your Pal ($7.50)!!

I think it will be super cute to add to my school letters I send to parents and a cute addition to my blog. Oh and I drink like 3 cups a coffee a day at work so I had to add that in-!! And the best part is I have a mug just like the one in my hand! 

Lauren from Polka Dots and Pals- check out her super cute and fun blog!

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  1. YAY!! Thanks for the shout out, dear!! I am SO glad you like it!


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